How To Paint Traveller Imperial Marines

I bought some recasts of Citadel’s Traveller RPG figures from RAFM. They are highly deatiled sculpts at 15mm and were designed for the deck plans that Games Designers Workshop made for Traveller.

I started by soaking them in warm soapy water and then scrubbed them to remove the mold release agent. Then I hot glued them on to nails to make them easy to handle when painting.


I primed them white to start with so that the wash would show up.


To give a blue color to the armor and pick out all the detail I gave them a 1 to 1 wash of GHQ Sea Blue and water. This works really well to provide color and definition to to models.


I painted the visors with a Folk Art Bronze to give the visors a nice sheen.


I painted the weapons with a 4 to 1 to 1 mix of silver, brown, and black.


To give them squad markings I painted the right sholderpad and the line on the top of the helmet with Ceramcoat Opaque Yellow.


Next I painted the backpacks and hoses with GHQ Charcoal Grey. To add defintion to the backpacks I drybruhsed with GHQ Ocean Grey


I painted the bases with GHQ Camouflage Brown to look like the desert of a far-away world.


To finished off the miniatures I gave them 2 washes of GHQ Dark Brown on the bases. I ended by spraying them with 2 layers of Dullcote to prevent the paint from ever coming off.


Here are some images of the finished models:

Picture of the squad:


My favorite of the group:


Until next time,

– MinisMuse

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