Memorial Day and Wargaming

This Memorial Day I would like to reflect on that while we play the games of war, there are people at war who give their lives to protect us. In wargames, there is no blood on the table, there are no lost loved ones, there is no pain, but in war there is.

Great War is at present, I am con- 
vinced, not only the most expensive 
game in the universe, but it is a game 
out of all proportion. Not only are the 
masses of men and material and suffering 
and inconvenience too monstrously big 
for reason, but — the available heads 
we have for it, are too small. That, I 
think, is the most pacific realisation con- 
ceivable, and Little War brings you to it 
as nothing else but Great War can do.

– H.G. Wells from Little Wars

Some time today, call, write, email, or tell someone thank you for protecting our country and freedom. If there is one thing that wargames can teach us, it is that war is a evil thing.

Until next time,

– MinisMuse


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