How To Build Zone Mortalis Terrain

Over the last week I have been building some Zone Mortalis Terrain to play with. I decided that my terrain had to be modular, so I could change the setup when I wanted to. I also decided to make the terrain as the inside of an top secret Inquisition base, so many of the tiles had Inquisition sign on them. I ended up with a couple different types of wall sections, and it looks great on the tabletop.


I had a bunch of plastic dividers lying around, so I started by cutting the tabs off the edges of them.


I then cut some wood bases in half to create a base for the walls.


After that I attached the walls to the base with super glue.


Then I primed the sections with grey primer.


I then detailed the raised parts of the wall with white.


Then I added Inquisition signs, “Danger” warnings, or claw marks to the walls.


I also made joints for the wall sections by cutting foam board to the right height and mounting it on square bases. The joints were a combination of X, T, and L joints.

The entire lot took me about 3 hours over the course of the week, so it is a highly effective way of making terrain and it looks great.


I tested it on a 2×2 ft. board and it worked like a charm, with extra panels left over.


The terrain would also work great for Zone Mortalis, Infinity and also RPG games. I plan to make a lot more of these so I can cover a 4×4 board.

Until next time,

– MinisMuse


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