How to Build an AT-3 Sagger

I got a sudden urge to build some anti-tank capability for the Soviets. Thus I decided to build the most recognizable infantry anti-tank weapon: the AT-3 Sagger.

I started out by cutting a 1/4 inch dowel into sections 1 inch long.


Then I took a sanding block and beveled the ends.


I made a cross incision on the backs of the dowels with an hobby saw.


After that I glued in sections of post-it notes to make the fins of the Sagger.


Then I trimmed the post-it notes down to finish the ATGM.


For the launcher I started with blocks of balsa 1/4 x 1/2 x 3/4 inches long.


To the blocks I added wire pieces, then super glued them down. These will serve as launch rails for the ATGM to rest on.


I then glued the Saggers to the launch rails.


After that I painted them with Ceramcoat’s Forest Green.


The finished Sagger looks great, soon the Soviets will be setting up the Saggers left and right. NATO forces will need to be very careful from now on!


Until next time,

– MinisMuse


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