How to Make Jungle Terrain

One of the very first things I ever did with miniatures was to make jungle terrain. It presented itself as fast, easy, cheap, and fun. The way I make my jungle terrain allows me to make as many as I want with little effort and time.

I start off with a 2 inch square of foam core/foam board


I then took a hobby knife to the edges to make a base.IMG_7308

After that two coats of Creamacoat Dark Forest Green to the base.IMG_7309

To that I applied some simple green flock.


I used some plastic plants that are supposed to be used for flower arrangements, but make amazing jungle plants.


Then I punched holes into the base for the plants to fit into and glue them in with PVA glue.


It works great for both 28mm and 15mm scales, just add a couple of rocks and your terrain is finished.



Until next time,

– MinisMuse