How to Paint Traveller Powered Armor Infantry

Along with the Marines that I got from RAFM, there were also “Powered Armor Infantry”. These heavy infantry will back up the rest of my troops with some more substantial firepower.

I started by priming them with white.


I then washed them with a 1 to 1 wash of GHQ Sea Blue and water.


After that I painted the legs and upper arms with GHQ Charcoal Grey.


The next step was to paint the weapons and lower arms with a 4 to 1 to 1 mix of silver, brown, and black.


I then started to detail the backpacks and jetpacks with Ceramcoat Black.


After that I drybrushed and highlighted the black with Ceramcoat Hippo Grey.


I continued by painting a red stripe on the right sholder pad with Pactra Flat Insignia Red for unit designation.


To finish off the detailing, I painted each backpack with Ceramcoat Yellow, Testors Gloss Green, and Pactra Flat Insignia Red.


I decided that the red stripes I had painted earlier looked bad on a blue background, so I painted the shoulder pads with a 1 to 3 mix of black and silver. I then started on the bases with GHQ Camouflage Brown for the “Desert World” look.


While painting the bases I realized that the legs were not to my liking, so I did a heavy drybrush of FolkArt Metallic Silver to brighten them up. To finish I did several heavy washes of GHQ Dark Brown on the bases to tone them down and make them more interesting.

I ended by spraying them with several layers of Dullcote to prevent the paint from coming off.

Picture of the finished squad:


Until next time,

– MinisMuse