How to Make 15MM Tables

I had an idea in my head for several weeks to create tables to use with Traveller and wargames. After much thought I decided to try making the tables. The idea turned out to be better than I thought, in just 20 minutes I was able to turn out 12 tables for gaming with.

The first step was to create the table patterns I would use. This was accomplished with about 15 minutes in a digital painting program (such as Gimp or Microsoft Paint), though if you wanted to do a solid color for the tops of your tables, it would be much quicker.IMG_7384

The next step is to take old junk coins, in my case pennies, and then proceed to cover the head side of them evenly with glue, so that they would have a flat surface.


Then on the backside of the paper with the table tops, I marked where to place the coins.IMG_7387

I then used a spray on adhesive, (as using glue would warp the paper) and attached the coins to the back of the pattern paper, heads side down.


After that I cut out the table tops.


Then I glued some Lego pieces (slices of dowel would work to) to the bottom of the coins to act as legs.


I then painted the edges of the tabletops with black of make them look uniform.IMG_7392

As you can see, the tables add a great 3-D aspect to 2-D paper.IMG_7394

Until next time,

– MinisMuse


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