How to Paint Cold War Canadians

After consuming a steady diet of Deutschland 83′ and the lovely book First Clash by Kenneth Macksey, I decided that it was time to add to my 1/32 Cold War armies with some Canadians. To start with I trawled the web for references and found out that the Canadians typically wore a US Vietnam look-alike uniform in the summer. With the goal of being able to churn out infantry I made the paint job easy. I started with some old plastic toy soldiers and primed them dark gray. Then, for the uniforms I did two coats of GHQ Modern US Helicopter Green.


For the flesh I did an undercoat of Ceramcoat Ivory and then a layer of Ceramcoat Trail Tan.


The for webbing I went with a combination of 1 to 1.5 to 1 mix of Ceramcoat Dark Forest Green, Ceramcoat Dark Brown, and Ceramcoat Ivory.


Boots and M-16’s were painted with Ceramcoat Black.


Helmets were the most distinctive part. I prized speed over accuracy with these guys so I went with something that looked somewhat accurate rather than a time consuming but super accurate look. I started with an undercoat of GHQ Modern US Helicopter Green, and then stippled GHQ Camouflage Green for tonal variation. For the camouflage I stippled the mix that I had used for the webbing, Ceramcoat Dark Brown, Ceramcoat Dark Forest Green, and GHQ Commonwealth Khaki Drab. To finish them I then painted the base Ceramcoat Dark Forest Green.


The most identifying mark for them was the flags, so I did a little free hand with Ceramcoat White and Ceramcoat Fire Red.


To finish them off there were a couple layers of Dullcote applied to prevent chipping.

Pictures of the finished infantry:


Until next time,

– MinisMuse


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