How to Make Flying AT-3 Saggers

I built some Saggers some time ago, and they proved to be quite useful. However, once the ATGM was in flight it needed to be marked, and coins looked unsightly so I decided that I would build physical markers for the Saggers.

I started out by building a set of Saggers as I did previously. I then drilled into the Sagger and the 1.5 in wood base with a pin vice. Then I superglued in a piece of wire to make it look like they were flying.


After that, I painted everything with Ceramacoat Dark Forest Green.


I then drilled holes into the ends of the Saggers and superglued in a longer piece of wire to look like the guidewire for the ATGM.


After that, I took some black foam and ripped it to shape. It was then heavily drybrushed with red, orange, and yellow. I affixed it to the back by pulling it over the wire to make it look like it was extending from the back of the ATGM.


And with that, the Sagger markers were finished and ready for use against NATO forces.


Until next time,

– MinisMuse


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