After Action Report: Screening Force

3 hours ago, Soviet forces moved across the German border. British forces in the area are rushing to prepare for the oncoming red tide. In front, the screening forces are desperately trying to buy time for their units to organize. – BBC News Correspondent Edward Brown

The game was British screening forces vs. a Soviet column, with the Soviets trying to get off the board a quickly as possible and the British trying to stop them. I was the screening force, so while I had fewer forces, I also had surprise on my side.

The British forces consisted of Scorpion x5, Swingfire x2, Chieftain Mk. 10 x3, Fox x1, and Artillery strike x1.


Soviet forces were: T-72 x10, BMP-1 x10, ZSU-23-4 x2, BMD-1 x3, BRDM-1 x2, Pre-game barrages x5, and Mig-21 with rocket pods x1.


The Soviets would start on one end of the board, and drive forward trying to reach the other end as fast as possible. The British would set up hidden, until revealed by the Soviets, or the British fired.

Pre-game barrages of the Soviets only destroy a Scorpion in the town and pin another Scorpion down.


As Soviet forces move on to the board, the British artillery strike hits and kills 3 T-72s, 2 BMD’s, and pins a BMP.


Soviet forces are cautious, and spread out into the forest to hunt for enemies that may be lying in wait. While they do find enemies, they are wasting valuable time.


A BMP is confronted by two Scorpions, and the Scorpions fire ineffectively at the surprised BMP.


Reinforcements move to attack the Scorpions and take one out.


The Scorpions in return kill the last remaining BMD, but the second Scorpion is knocked out by BMP fire. The first (small) victory goes to the Soviets!


The Soviet advance continues and a Chieftain fires on the enemy column approaching but is taken out by a Malyutka ATGM.


Parallel to the advancing Soviet column, a Chieftain and two Swingfires appear and attack the Soviets, destroying a T-72.


In revenge the combined Soviet fire kills one of the Swingfires and the Chieftain on the ridge.


The Soviet advance continues by knocking out the other Swingfire. The Soviets then pass the halfway mark on the board making their way towards the town.


A Scorpion is revealed and fires, but misses its shot at the leading BMP.


The Soviets move into the town and knock out the Scorpion that shot at the BMP.

The Fox and a second Scorpion appear and take out a BRDM-1, and a BMP. The burning hull of the BMP now prevents the Soviets from crossing the bridge until it can be pushed away.


The Fox and Scorpion quickly have the tables turned on them and are knocked out by Soviet fire.

The last remaining Chieftain fires from the church, where it has been waiting. The shot goes true and kills a T-72.


One of the ZSU-23-4’s bulldozes the burning BMP off the bridge to clear it, while the BMP’s ford the stream.


The Chieftain is finally destroyed after 2 rounds of ineffective Soviet shooting at it.


At this point it was realized that the Mig had not been used, but it was to late to do anything about it. With the last British units destroyed the Soviets were free to move off the board.


All told the game took about 2 hours to play and I had a great time playing. Unfortunately the game ended a tie, as the British did not kill enough and delay the Soviets for long enough and the Soviets did not move off the board fast enough to call it a victory.

Reasons for Soviet defeat: the Soviets spent to much concentrating on one target and stoping the advance because of it. They should have tasked some units to killing it and continued to move the rest of the column ahead.

Reasons for British defeat: as usual for me, my bad rolling got in my way. I failed to kill anything in my ambushes, which would have tipped the game in my favor. My other problem was not building a concentrated group of firepower, as every time I would attack, I would fire, and then get destroyed by the tons of Soviets around. The other thing that would have helped would be waiting for the enemy column to pass and then attacking with the Swingfires and Chieftain. I could have killed my opponents command tank and won.

While the Soviet drive has been slowed by our brave boys, the Soviet momentum is still present. British troops will be prepared, but not as much as they wished. Good luck to you lads from everyone at home, and God save the Queen! – BBC News Correspondent Edward Brown

Until next time,

– MinisMuse