How to Make a Mad Max Car

I was recently inspired to create a Mad Max themed car for a game I designed. Looking around I found an old low-quality Hot Wheels car.


The first step was to take the car apart; I used a dremel to cut the bottom of the car off, however, this could have easily have been accomplished with a knife.IMG_7959

The first thing to do was to customize the body. I added a ram to the front made out of some wood scraps I had lying around. Then I added armor to the front wheels, made with some thin plastic, and attached with super glue to look like welding. The spikes were done with more wood. I drilled and added a piece of round sprue for a tailpipe, and added on a Lego piece for part of a motor.IMG_7961

I then customized the undercarriage with the addition of wheel spikes made out of yet more wood.IMG_7962

Then I moved to the windshield. I started by fogging up the entire windshield with a fine grit sandpaper.  Then I added a piece of plastic and some paper for a more armored feel.IMG_7963

I then added bullet holes with a small drill bit and a knife.IMG_7964

Then the pieces were primed for painting.IMG_7965

The car was then test-fitted before painting.IMG_7966

I started with a Ceramcoat Grey Drizzle undercoat and then a 4:1:2 mix of Silver, Ceramcoat Black, and a brown.IMG_7967

To brighten it up I drybrushed with a bright silver.IMG_7968

Then a heavy blackwash was applied to the entire model.IMG_7969

Then a heavy coat of rust and Testors Dullcote to finish the model.IMG_7970

Final images of the car – Ready to roam the wastes at high speed!IMG_7971.JPGIMG_7972.JPG

Until next time,

– MinisMuse