How to Make 15MM Tables

I had an idea in my head for several weeks to create tables to use with Traveller and wargames. After much thought I decided to try making the tables. The idea turned out to be better than I thought, in just 20 minutes I was able to turn out 12 tables for gaming with.

The first step was to create the table patterns I would use. This was accomplished with about 15 minutes in a digital painting program (such as Gimp or Microsoft Paint), though if you wanted to do a solid color for the tops of your tables, it would be much quicker.IMG_7384

The next step is to take old junk coins, in my case pennies, and then proceed to cover the head side of them evenly with glue, so that they would have a flat surface.


Then on the backside of the paper with the table tops, I marked where to place the coins.IMG_7387

I then used a spray on adhesive, (as using glue would warp the paper) and attached the coins to the back of the pattern paper, heads side down.


After that I cut out the table tops.


Then I glued some Lego pieces (slices of dowel would work to) to the bottom of the coins to act as legs.


I then painted the edges of the tabletops with black of make them look uniform.IMG_7392

As you can see, the tables add a great 3-D aspect to 2-D paper.IMG_7394

Until next time,

– MinisMuse


How to Make Jungle Terrain

One of the very first things I ever did with miniatures was to make jungle terrain. It presented itself as fast, easy, cheap, and fun. The way I make my jungle terrain allows me to make as many as I want with little effort and time.

I start off with a 2 inch square of foam core/foam board


I then took a hobby knife to the edges to make a base.IMG_7308

After that two coats of Creamacoat Dark Forest Green to the base.IMG_7309

To that I applied some simple green flock.


I used some plastic plants that are supposed to be used for flower arrangements, but make amazing jungle plants.


Then I punched holes into the base for the plants to fit into and glue them in with PVA glue.


It works great for both 28mm and 15mm scales, just add a couple of rocks and your terrain is finished.



Until next time,

– MinisMuse

Assorted Terrain

I finished some assorted terrain during the week. Rather than the usual “it needed to be finished,” these were more of an impulse build. The best thing about these is how most of it can be used for different scales.


The first thing I made was a retro Sci-Fi dome.


I also painted up a building/generator of some kind that was made by Marx.


I also got my hands on a spool, and decided to make it into an industrial rope spool. A couple more of these and I could have some dockyard terrain.


The last thing I made was originally a chapstick container, but it had a great shape. A lick of silver paint plus a number 1 and it can now be used as an objective marker.


Until next time,

– MinisMuse

How To Build Zone Mortalis Terrain

Over the last week I have been building some Zone Mortalis Terrain to play with. I decided that my terrain had to be modular, so I could change the setup when I wanted to. I also decided to make the terrain as the inside of an top secret Inquisition base, so many of the tiles had Inquisition sign on them. I ended up with a couple different types of wall sections, and it looks great on the tabletop.


I had a bunch of plastic dividers lying around, so I started by cutting the tabs off the edges of them.


I then cut some wood bases in half to create a base for the walls.


After that I attached the walls to the base with super glue.


Then I primed the sections with grey primer.


I then detailed the raised parts of the wall with white.


Then I added Inquisition signs, “Danger” warnings, or claw marks to the walls.


I also made joints for the wall sections by cutting foam board to the right height and mounting it on square bases. The joints were a combination of X, T, and L joints.

The entire lot took me about 3 hours over the course of the week, so it is a highly effective way of making terrain and it looks great.


I tested it on a 2×2 ft. board and it worked like a charm, with extra panels left over.


The terrain would also work great for Zone Mortalis, Infinity and also RPG games. I plan to make a lot more of these so I can cover a 4×4 board.

Until next time,

– MinisMuse

Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Bunker

This bunker had been siting around as an unfinished terrain piece for quite awhile so I decided that it needed to be finished. The bunker is made of foamboard and photo matting.


I applied a textured paint to the whole of the bunker to make it look like concrete.


I then drybrushed it with a light grey to bring out the texture.


After that I applied an Imperial Aquila using tweezers and a sponge.


I then applied a black wash to the bunker to tone it down.


To finish I added a brown wash to the bunker, and a rust wash in random spots to make the bunker less monotone.

This is the final product:


Until next time,

– MinisMuse